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Welcome!  I’m Joe Jackson, author of the Eve of Redemption series, and this is my official page and blog.  Here you will find expanded lore about the series and its world, called Citaria.  While the books contain appendices that outline the races, the geography, and some of the history of the world, it is far too much to pack into a dozen pages or so at the back of a book.  So this blog will seek to expand on the who and the what by providing more about the when, where, how, and why – and all without annoying spoilers!  To take a look at the expanded lore and get a feel for the world, check out The Lore of Citaria.

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If you’re not familiar with the Eve of Redemption series, the first volume, called Salvation’s Dawn, is available as an ebook from Amazon.com for 99¢.  It begins the story of our heroine, Karian Vanador, as she walks away from the settling dust of the Citarian Apocalypse.  Kari is a demonhunter and a hero, but far from a typical example of either: she originally lived and died nearly 200 years ago, and was resurrected for some greater purpose she doesn’t yet understand.  Salvation’s Dawn follows her adventures as she works to reacquaint herself in this different time and place, and seek whatever new destiny has led to her miraculous – and unprecedented – return from death.

Salvation’s Dawn on Amazon

The second volume, White Serpent, Black Dragon continues to follow Kari’s adventures (spoiler alert: she’s not dead yet) as she hunts a vicious serial killer from the underworld.  In this, she is pitted against her greatest test: a demon more intelligent than Kari and also every bit as skilled with the sword.  Will Kari’s friends, new and old, be enough to tip the balance in her favor?

White Serpent, Black Dragon on Amazon

The third volume, Serpents Rising, follows Kari on an unprecedented trip through the underworld, where she must match wits with demon kings that are thousands of years old to rescue a possible defector.  But even if she can, will the defector tell her anything of value?  And what further dangers will a defector from the underworld bring into her life?


Serpents Rising on Amazon

The fourth volume, Legacy of the Devil Queen, introduces new Points of View, as readers get to see the world through Erijinkor’s eyes as well as a couple of other characters.  While Kari stays home managing the affairs of the Demonhunter Order as a whole due to personal issues, Erik takes charge of the Silver Blades and leads them in hunting a vicious demon virtually unknown to the Order.  Will the Silver Blades succeed without Kari’s assistance?  And what challenges will Kari face in her administrative and personal lives?


Legacy of the Devil Queen on Amazon

Book V, “The Huntresses’ Game,” follows Kari as she undergoes the final trials to reach the rank of Avatar of Vengeance.  From her groundbreaking visit to the very home of a demon king, to her hunt of an enemy from her past life, Kari will face tests the likes of which no Avatar has ever seen.

The Huntresses’ Game on Amazon

Book VI, “Preludes to War,” follows Kari on a daring foray behind enemy lines.  Unlike her previous trip to Mehr’Durillia, the purpose this time around is damage: to start a war on her enemies’ world to keep it from starting on her own.  Full of twists, intrigue, and heart-racing combat, Preludes to War is the most intense Eve of Redemption book yet!


Preludes to War on Amazon

Book VII, “Convergence,” picks up right after the events of Preludes to War, and sees Kari and the Silver Blades mount a daring rescue behind enemy lines.  All subtlety is being cast to the wind as war becomes an inevitability.  Just how far is Kari willing to go to protect her family and friends?  Grab a copy today and find out!

Convergence on Amazon

Book VIII, “The Awakening,” actually begins between the events of The Huntresses’ Game and Preludes to War, and introduces a secondary group of young heroes whose efforts are instrumental to the opening of the Temple of Archons.  Its timeline meets up with that of the other books right after the end of Convergence, leading into the upcoming “Gods and Kings” (due out Dec 2018).


And now, without further ado, welcome to Citaria!  Click the menu button up top, search for a particular page, or check the menu on the right to browse through the lore.  Enjoy!

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(c) 2016 by Joe Jackson.  All rights reserved.  Any resemblance between these characters and actual people should be reported immediately so I can go meet them.

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