The Art of the Newbie

So, I’m new to all this.  Not to writing; I’ve been doing that for the better part of 30 years.  But I’m new to everything else: publishing, blogging, advertising, and tweeting.

My goal with this blog will be to share a lot of the background and little tidbits about Citaria that even my books don’t touch upon too much.  I’m going to put together a “dream cast” of actors and actresses that I think would be perfect to play the characters of my book(s) if making a movie was possible.  I may also do short “character profiles” to give readers a better idea of what the characters are like.

The trick, of course, is to give everyone enough to make it interesting without spoiling anything in the series!

If you’ve read Salvation’s Dawn, then thank you for joining me on Kari’s adventures!  If not, I welcome you to do so: the first volume is only $0.99 on  The series is planned for 13 books to cover the main story arc, and then I will be doing several spin-offs after the main series is complete.

If you’re curious but skeptical, here are some links to some fantastic, in-depth reviews I’ve received from fellow authors and readers on

Character Review of Kari with an Author Interview

Review by Cori Dyson, author of the “All Things Character it is” blog

Review by Alexandra Engellmann, author of “Sky Ghosts: All for One”

Review by Valicity Garris

Here is the planned series:

Book I – Salvation’s Dawn (Published)
Book II – White Serpent, Black Dragon (Published)
Book III – Serpents Rising (Published)
Book IV – Legacy of the Devil Queen (Published)
Book V – The Huntresses’ Game (Published)
Book VI – Preludes to War (Complete, Pre-publishing)
Book VII – Convergence (Complete)
Book VIII – The Awakening (In Progress)
Book IX – Three Kings (Conceptualized)
Book X – Wrath of the Huntress (Conceptualized)
Book XI – Phoenix Ascending (Conceptualized)
Book XII – Serpent’s Kiss (Conceptualized)
Book XIII – The Unbroken Circle (Conceptualized)

I hope to see you on Citaria!


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