Arakiel – Portrait of a Creator

Arakiel, “The Creator”

The first and most important of the deities of the Citarian pantheon is, of course, Arakiel – known more formally to his people as Gori Sensullu (roughly translated: “benevolent father”).  Arakiel is directly credited with the creation of the world of Citaria, the rir people, and all other life forms upon the world but for two: the serilian demons and human beings.  The former, of course, were created by his rival and nemesis, the Devil Queen Seril, while the latter arrived on Citaria via spacecraft, though unwittingly.

Seen only on extremely rare occasions by his own people, Arakiel’s description was nevertheless well-known amongst his people, as the other deities related what he was like to their own followers.  By all accounts, Arakiel appeared as a near-perfect specimen of terra-rir, with deep blue eyes and long, dark blue hair.  Some scholars have long argued that he took the form of whatever race he was speaking with, but this has been countered by many, not the least of whom is his own son, Kaelariel.

It is unknown to the people of Citaria – rir, human, demihuman, and serilis-rir alike – exactly what caused the rift between Arakiel and Seril that led to the creation of their respective peoples and the subsequent wars.  They have long held the belief that Arakiel created Seril to be his mate, and that for some reason, she rejected him and instead regarded him as an enemy.  The zeal with which their peoples have tried to wipe each other out certainly points to an incredible enmity between them, though the exact reasoning remains a mystery.

The rir people have long held that the humans did not come to Citaria, but rather were brought to Citaria by the hand of Arakiel.  The limited records of the first human settlers, who assimilated into the fledgling rir society in what eventually became the holy city of Sarchelete, certainly seem to support this theory.  In all their vast records of space exploration, the humans had apparently never even known about Citaria or its people until their arrival.  In each of the crash landings that brought the humans to Citaria, their ships and technology were rendered inert – undoubtedly the work of Arakiel’s hand – and it was by their ingenuity and adaptability that they not only learned to survive, but to assist the rir people in thriving.

Arakiel always had a fondness for his adopted human “children,” as evidenced by the number of humans that he elevated to deity status: Kris Fletcher, Zalkar the Unyielding, Mitreus and Zitenius Satachi, Carlos Bouron, and even the deity he created whole, Karmi G’Dorrinn.  Speculation abounds as to whether he always intended to “borrow” humans to bolster his own world, but the near-seamlessness with which the humans and rir have assimilated into a single culture certainly points to predestination.

Arakiel was slain at the end of the Apocalypse, at the same moment his counterpart, Seril, was slain by the hand of Kaelariel.  It has been speculated since then that Arakiel and Seril may actually have been two halves of a whole, and that one could not survive without the other.  Whatever the case, the control of the pantheon was bequeathed to Arakiel’s son Kaelariel, who has taken the reins under the wise guidance of his mother, Tisa Ch’Brakkh, and their Koryonite counterparts.

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