Deity Profile: Sehre Tori, First in Battle

The first mortal to ever be exalted to deity status among the Citarian pantheon was the fierce warrior Sechre Tori, whose name roughly translates to “god among men.”  Among the first generations of rir who were born rather than created whole by Gori Sensullu, Sechre Tori, who stood at nearly seven feet tall, became one of the finest warriors of his day.  He fought for years alongside his friend and mentor, Kerry Kijana, who would later be exalted himself and become the god Garra Ktarra.  Side by side, the two scored victory after victory over Seril’s skirmishers, and were responsible for the rescue of the first humans who arrived in a crashed space vessel.

Always found in the front lines, Sechre Tori met his end at a young age when he was personally sought out and killed by the Devil Queen.  Remembered as a fearless and stalwart soldier, he was revered among the rir warriors after his death.  This reverence led the Creator to offer Sechre Tori a position as a subordinate deity, which he readily accepted.  Within weeks of his exaltation, Sechre Tori became known as the patron of soldiers and fighters, and was anointed the god of war.  His nickname was given as “First in Battle” in recognition of his fearlessness and willingness to lead the vanguard in virtually any circumstance.

Unlike the war gods of most pantheons, Sechre Tori is not consumed by bloodlust, nor does he try to cause wars.  His primary function is the guidance of the military and professional fighters of all kinds to make certain that when the winds of war blow, the right side comes to victory.  It is little mystery that the prevalence of his worship among the shakna-rir is directly related to their powerful militaries and mastery of war.  Even in modern times, most organized militaries at least pay homage to the terra-rir deity, whether or not the individual soldiers claim him as their patron.

Among the pantheon, Sechre Tori is closest to his friend and former mentor, Garra Ktarra, as well as Kris Fletcher and Zalkar the Unyielding.  Despite the similarities in their followers and fierceness, Sechre Tori strangely does not get on well with his Koryonite counterpart, Cabal.  Since the death of Gori Sensullu, Sechre Tori has taken up a position as an adviser to Kaelariel, who is now the leader of the pantheon.

In appearance, Sechre Tori is a terra-rir who stands almost seven feet tall with a lean but muscular build.  His eyes and his hair are both deep red, with his hair being fashioned in a mohawk.

Sechre Tori’s holy symbol is a longsword with a red blade and a black hilt.

Next up: Kerry Kijana, also known as Garra Ktarra

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