Deity Profile: Garra Ktarra, The Night Runner

Arguably the greatest hero in the history of the rir people is the warrior-priest Kerry Kijana.  Known more commonly by his nickname Garra Ktarra (loosely translated: the bloodied blades), the terra-rir warrior was also one of Gori Sensullu’s most devout priests among the first generations of rir born of mortal parents.  A stark contrast to the majority of his peers due to his long blonde hair, the terra-rir commander was otherwise a rather ordinary specimen, standing at just under six feet tall, muscular, and fairly handsome, though not strikingly so.  What truly set Garra Ktarra apart from the people of his day was his skill with the axe and his utter fearlessness.

Having trained up and served alongside Sechre Tori, Garra Ktarra brought the faith of the rir people in the Creator to the front lines of battle against the minions of the Devil Queen, Seril.  Garra Ktarra was well known for returning from patrols with his axes uncleaned, dripping with the black blood of the serilian demons, and this gave birth to his nickname.  Garra Ktarra was also the first to rush to the crash site when humans were marooned on Citaria, and with the help of his friend and several of their braver soldiers, they were able to rescue nearly all of the humans, even those gravely wounded.  After rescuing the humans, Garra Ktarra acted as an ambassador to them, and helped the other priests and wise men of the early rir society learn to communicate with their alien guests.

Sechre Tori’s death weighed heavily on Garra Ktarra, who was able to drive the Devil Queen off, though not before she took the life of his friend.  Knowing he was marked by the Devil Queen after “besting” her in combat, Garra Ktarra left the city of Sarchelete and its temple to Gori Sensullu in the capable hands of his fellow priests and went into a self-imposed exile.  Little did his peers know that the exile was, in fact, based on a vision from Gori Sensullu.  Garra Ktarra trekked across the southern end of Askies Island during the summer, and was able to cross the mountains of the southeast before the days began to grow short and cold.  There, nestled in the mountains, Garra Ktarra came into contact with one of the Creator’s other works: the terra-bengal people, organized into a kingdom they called Jirtorex, which was also the surname given to the royal family.

Garra Ktarra quickly became a curiosity to the terra-bengal people, and was taken as a mate by the queen, Eitanya Jirtorex.  They had several children together, and Garra Ktarra lived out the rest of his days in peace as the Prince Consort.  The bloodline he sired, named Jir’tana as a hybrid of the two surnames, was passed down through the terra-bengal royal family for nearly 2800 years, until it culminated in the birth of Kaelariel himself.  Thus, one of the oldest Citarian deities is a direct forefather of the youngest who, in light of the Apocalypse, is now the leader of the pantheon.

Garra Ktarra is a patron deity to explorers, mostly due to his legendary solo trek across the southern end of Askies in a time when Seril and her minions were completely unchecked.  He is also the god of skill, largely being considered one of the greatest fighters in the history of the world, and fighters the world over revere him for his incredible skill with his dual axes.  Finally, he is considered the god of the night, as he preferred to patrol in the evening and show the serilian demons that they were far from the most terrifying thing prowling the darkness.

Garra Ktarra’s holy symbol is a golden, twin-bladed axe.

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