Deity Profile: Karmi G’Dorrinn, Lady of the Depths

Of all the deities of Citaria, Karmi G’Dorrinn is the most unique.  Though human in form, Karmi was created whole as a deity by Gori Sensullu, and was never a mortal.  With the rir species’ aversion to water-based travel, it was long left to the humans to establish navies and shipping lanes, and to chart and conquer the oceans of Citaria.  In response to this, Gori Sensullu created a protector for them, and fashioned her in a human form to be more fitting for his human charges.

Karmi G’Dorrinn, whose name translates roughly to “the mighty sea,” is a deity that few people know much about.  Since she was never mortal, she has no historical lifetime for scholars and priests to refer to, and much of her influence is put into effect with subtlety and silence.  She has a fairly small worshiper base, but it is no mystery that nearly every sailor and ocean-going vessel at least pays homage to the goddess of the waves.  The Royal Navy of Askies Island is known to have a shrine or even chapel aboard every vessel that pays homage to her in some way, regardless of the individual faiths of the captains and crews.

A stately woman nearly six feet in height with sea-green eyes and sandy blonde hair, Karmi G’Dorrinn is rarely, if ever, seen in her avatar form upon Citaria.  Still, her presence is seen and felt in the dispersal of dangerous tsunamis and tropical storms before they reach land and devastate coastal societies.  While hurricanes and tropical storms do sometimes damage cities and civilizations on the coast, these instances are few and far between, and the sea goddess’ favor comes whether the people pay homage to her or not.

Unlike the majority of her counterparts, Karmi G’Dorrinn is quiet and reserved, and interacts with her peers among the Citarian pantheon only for certain emergencies.  Since the enemies of Citaria rarely attempt to cross the seas and oceans, her influence is better put to use caring for and providing for the people, and that is where she focuses the majority of her time and effort.

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