Deity Profile: Kristofer Fletcher, The Armored Shepherd

The greatest hero of the third century, Kris Fletcher was a paladin who served among the higher echelons of the military of the holy city of Sarchelete.  Only a couple of generations removed from humans who arrived on Citaria from among the stars, he was a devout Christian, a fact that made him a curiosity and a wonder to the rir people.  Fletcher was widely regarded as handsome, standing a little under six feet with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes.  Interestingly, those who meet the deity’s avatar always remember him seeming much, much larger and more imposing.

Fletcher’s greatest achievement and claim to fame was his heroics in defending the city of Sarchelete.  During his service to the military, a quartet of Seril’s newly created assassin demons, called brys, infiltrated the city and began decimating the population from the shadows.  Fletcher sought them out and exposed them, using the gifts of his paladin faith to find the crafty demons.  Though the brys were sleek, quick, and deadly, Fletcher slew all four of them in direct combat, a feat that even brys still talk about to this day.  Fletcher was honored as a hero, and named Lord Protector of the holy city.

Fletcher lived out his days in the holy city, a quiet man of contemplation and faith who chose to lead by example.  He drew many junior paladins to his tutelage, and trained them up in the way of the holy warrior.  When the years finally caught up with Fletcher and he passed on, he was offered a position among the pantheon by Gori Sensullu.  Though confused, the holy warrior accepted the position, and became the god of honor and loyalty.  His first appearances among the people of Citaria in avatar form, coupled with the tenets of his Christian faith, led to him being nicknamed The Ghost, a nickname that has not only stuck, but become the most common form by which to address him.

The Ghost is a patron deity to paladins and holy warriors, and his servants are a terror to the forces of evil.  His most staunch followers are the paladins known as Avengers, who have stepped up from defense to seeking out evil on its own grounds to destroy it.  The Ghost’s paladins are well-known for working with the military and those who serve Sechre Tori, who has become one of the Ghost’s closest friends among the pantheon.  The Ghost is also particularly close to Kaelariel, who has assumed leadership of the pantheon, and helps him safeguard Citaria.

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