Deity Profile: Mitreus & Zitenius Satachi, The Sandur Striders

Two of the more prominent heroes of Citarian lore, the twin human rangers Mitreus and Zitenius Satachi earned their fame and their positions as deities during the eighteenth century.  Members of the Sandur ranger network, which linked information and resources between the great Sandur Jungle and the northern Ceritan Forest, they worked tirelessly to form a shield against the invasion of the west coast of Askies Island by Seril’s forces.  With the ranger network largely able to detect any force, large or small, moving through the great forests or the mountains, it became nearly impossible for Seril’s forces to approach the holy city of Sarchelete without being noticed.

Despite being identical twins, the human rangers were very different in most every other way.  While they shared chestnut eyes, dark brown hair, and tanned skin, when it came to personality, they were vastly different.  Mitreus was the naturewalker of the two, and one of his greatest accomplishments was establishing not just peace, but cooperation between the ranger network and the sylvan beasts.  He worked tirelessly to strengthen the network and its influences, and since he was proficient both as a melee combatant and an archer, he was frequently a first responder to threats in the woodlands.  Mitreus lost his life in battle with a green dragon in his early forties, and thus ascended to deity status long before his brother.  Due to his work as a lord of the woodlands and his love of nature, Mitreus was made the god of fertility and a patron to rangers and hunters everywhere.

Zitenius, by contrast, was foremost an ambassador for the ranger network.  Where Mitreus was frequently one of the first to respond to threats with force, Zitenius was typically the one to respond in situations where a more peaceful solution was possible.  While Mitreus was credited with establishing cooperation between the sylvan beasts and the ranger network, Zitenius was able to bring about a tense but lasting truce between the gnolls of Talon Rock and the cities of the Askies heartlands.  Zitenius continued this work throughout his life, even well past his brother’s death and into the late years of his life.  When he passed on, Zitenius was offered a position beside his brother among the pantheon, and became the god of mercy and peace, attracting ambassadors and negotiators of all kinds to his service.

Another accomplishment of note for Zitenius is that when the harmauth smith Terx broke free of his compulsion to work for the celestials, Zitenius convinced him not only to remain in the celestial realm, but to continue working for its denizens.

Among the pantheon, Mitreus and Zitenius work most closely with each other, but their servants are known to aid followers of their fellow deities whenever possible.

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