Deity Profile: Carlos Bouron, the Beast

Probably the least understood deity of the pantheon, Carlos Bouron – more commonly called “the Beast” – is nonetheless one of the most well-known because of his story.

A ranger of the Sandur Jungle network for most of his life, Bouron followed in the footsteps of his boyhood idols, the Satachi twins.  Though he lived a fulfilling life serving the ranger network, when he reached the end of his life, Bouron started to become jealous of the longer-lived elves and half-elves he encountered over the course of his career.  Unhappy with his comparably short life, he prayed to Gori Sensullu to extend his life, that he might guard the forests for as long as his elven companions.  In keeping with the old adage of, “Be careful what you wish for,” Gori Sensullu granted Bouron’s dying request – just not in the way he had anticipated.

The long-time ranger found himself reincarnated into the body of a sylvan beast, and immediately assumed that he had been cursed by Gori Sensullu for his selfish prayer.  Even still, he resented the head of the pantheon for his cruel “trick,” until the day Bouron realized he was no ordinary sylvan beast, but a deity.  Unlike his counterparts among the pantheon, Bouron was able to continue living on Citaria despite being deified, and was thus able to influence his primary charges – shapeshifters and “uncivilized” humanoids such as gnolls – directly, rather than through a priesthood or other followers.

The Beast is known to be a dour and grumpy person to speak to, but many speculate that this is simply a way to keep from being bothered by mortal visitors all the time.  Since his reincarnation in deified form, he has taken a sylvan beast mate and even produced a few children.  He lives in a cave where the Barrier Mountains encroach upon the Sandur Jungle.  In addition to working with the ranger network when necessary, the Beast also draws lycanthropes and shapeshifters to his service, and gradually tries to reintegrate them into the grand scheme of things, if not actual civilization.  The ranger network is integral to these efforts, as they are able to spread the word to nearby cities and towns when a group of lycanthropes or shapeshifters should be left alone.

The Beast’s most famous follower was none other than Saint Carly Bakhor, a priestess who, while she may not have spread any particular doctrines in his name, certainly spread his name around through her work.

The Beast has little to do with the pantheon as a whole, but is known to have a good working relationship with the Satachi twins, whose rangers just as often help the Beast as their own deities.

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