Deity Profile: Tisa Ch’Brakkh, the Dawn of Hope

Born Deanna Jir’tana, a terra-bengal princess, Tisa Ch’Brakkh eventually became one of the most important figures in the history of Citaria: the woman who gave birth to Gori Sensullu’s son.

The eldest daughter of the royal family in the Jirtorex Kingdom, Deanna was raised primarily among the temple of Gori Sensullu, where she learned faith, discipline, and etiquette.  When she was only twenty-four years old, she was exalted to the position of high priestess among the terra-bengal people.  She served in this role for nearly seven years before her mother abdicated the throne to her.  Deanna, a direct descendant of Garra Ktarra like all of her family before her, ascended to the throne in 2848ME, and ruled the Jirtorex Kingdom for about thirty years.

Not long after she ascended the throne, it was revealed that Deanna, who was not mated, was carrying a child.  Her pregnancy received a scandalous reception from the terra-bengal people, who were astounded that their queen – and a high priestess of Gori Sensullu – would end up pregnant by an unknown man.  The queen urged patience, telling her people only that the truth of things would be revealed in time.  When she gave birth to a serilian demon, the people thought she had turned traitor, until it was revealed that the child had blue eyes, fulfilling a long-held prophecy.

At Gori Sensullu’s request, Deanna never revealed that her child, whom she named Kaelariel, was the Creator’s son.  It was enough for her people that they understood the queen had given birth to the prophesied deliverer: the blue-eyed serilian demon that would turn and destroy the Devil Queen.  A few years later, Deanna gave birth to a second blue-eyed serilian demon, and the people wondered if it meant the prophecy was false, or if there might now be two who could fulfill it.  Deanna raised Kaelariel for the first fourteen years of his life, after which he was sent to the city of Anthraxis in the underworld to protect him from the Devil Queen.  Kytarras, the other son, remained with her in the Jirtorex Kingdom, where he lived a sheltered life, afflicted by an unusual insanity.

Deanna ruled the terra-bengal people until 2878ME, when she abdicated to one of her well-qualified nieces.  The elder queen and high priestess was then taken up directly by Gori Sensullu, and granted deity status.  Her name was given as Tisa Ch’Brakkh, meaning “mother of death,” in reference to the fact that she had given birth to Kaelariel, who had become the god of death as well as freedom.  She served as an advisor to her divine mate, Arakiel, until his death at the end of the Apocalypse, and she continues to serve that function for her son Kaelariel now.

Those who have seen Tisa Ch’Brakkh’s avatar are very few and far between, but they say she is the most beautiful rir that they’ve ever seen.  It is little wonder why she was chosen to be Gori Sensullu’s mate according to these people, but scholars agree that it had more to do with her divine lineage, being descended from Garra Ktarra.  It would seem to most that both sides are right to some extent, as Tisa Ch’Brakkh is the goddess of grace and beauty.

Next up: Kaelariel Arakiel Jir’tana, the Ascending Dawn

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