Deity Profile: Kaelariel Arakiel Jir’tana, the Ascending Dawn

The final deity to join the Citarian pantheon was none other than Gori Sensullu’s own son, Kaelariel.  Genetically altered to appear as a guardian demon, Kaelariel was the savior prophesied to destroy Seril, end the wars between the rir and the serilian demons, and bring peace to the world of Citaria.

Born son of Queen Deanna Jir’tana in the terra-bengal city of SouthWind, Kaelariel was raised by his mother, her court, and the archmage Percival Cintalas.  Despite his appearance, his unique nature quickly became obvious to the terra-bengal people, who did all they could to keep his birth and existence a secret.  They were successful until he reached the age of fourteen when, at the advice of Gori Sensullu, he was sent to the underworld city of Anthraxis.  Anthraxis was a completely neutral ground even in the world of demons, so it was deemed that Kaelariel would be safe finishing his maturing there.

Kaelariel was raised among the humans of Anthraxis’ Mortal Quarter, most specifically by an aging monk named Li Huang.  It was from this mentor that Kaelariel learned to control his temper, to more properly respect his elders and even those he didn’t care for, and to channel the rage that came with his serilian demon blood into a controlled but fierce fighting style.

During his time in Anthraxis, Kaelariel also befriended and spent a lot of time with Craell Nall Chinchala, one of the many sons of the demon king Celigus Chinchala.  The two had quite a penchant for getting into trouble of all kinds, and for a time, Kaelariel fell away from the teachings of not just his family, but the humans who had helped raise him since arriving in Anthraxis.  It was during his time with Craell that Kaelariel killed three people in a drunken rage, something he still regrets to this day.

Eventually, Kaelariel accompanied Craell back to his father’s realm of Sansrigar, and the young deity spent considerable time with Celigus Chinchala and his court.  The demon king, too, had a hand in raising Kaelariel to the age of majority, and though Celigus’ teachings were more egocentric, Kaelariel took a lot from the lessons in the areas of tactics, negotiating, and running a household.

Kaelariel returned to Citaria at the age of twenty-one, and thanks to his appearance and the fact that his divine heritage was still a closely-kept secret, he was able to challenge for lordship over the serilian demons.  Kaelariel brutally killed Gaelix the Shadowborn and, despite Seril’s reservations about trusting him, took command over the serilian demons under the Devil Queen.  With his divine heritage a secret, even the other deities of the pantheon had no idea who and what they were dealing with, and this led to very strained relations between the young Kaelariel and his father’s subordinate deities.

That changed, however, with the advent of the Fifth Demon War.  Using a truce between her forces and the mortals to drive out the Bah’Qitur Invasion, Seril turned on her “tentative allies” and attempted once more to capture Askies Island for herself.  With the trust he’d already garnered specifically with the Elite and Guardian demons, Kaelariel turned much of Seril’s army against her, and helped the mortal forces win a decisive victory.  Beyond the victory itself, the guardian demon Serenjols also slew Seril’s son, Urukh, crippling her military capabilities.

Kaelariel is well-remembered for the speech he gave at the end of the Fifth Demon War, wherein he pledged peace between “his people” – the serilian demons – and his father’s people, the rir.  Only then did his lineage become common knowledge, and he was granted the mantle of god of freedom and death by his father.  Kaelariel took his place among the pantheon, and though many of his fellow deities remained a little suspicious of him, his status as the prince of the pantheon and lord of the allied serilian demons won him a lot of trust from the rest.

Kaelariel’s final part in the prophecy was leading the Light Forces in the Apocalypse, and slaying Seril at its conclusion.  His ties with Celigus Chinchala, largely regarded as the most brilliant tactical mind across the cosmos, served the Light Forces well, as the demon king served as their tactician and second-in-command throughout the War.  Kaelariel’s ties with Celigus and other demon kings still leave lingering doubt in some peoples’ minds, but most are assured of his purity, especially in the wake of his father’s death.

Kaelariel now serves as the head of the pantheon, and continues to rule the spheres of freedom and death.  He had a son named Kris Jir’tana, who also served as a brigadier general during the Apocalypse and has been granted the nickname “The Warlord.”  There is much more to Kaelariel’s story, but that’s a tale for another time…

Coming soon: Races and History of Citaria

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