The First Demon War (ME 92)

Though skirmishes were quite common between the rir and the serilian demons throughout the first century, the First Demon War was the first concentrated effort by Seril’s forces.  It came in the year ME 92 on the heels of the arrival of the humans, who crash-landed upon Citaria in a couple of space vessels.

The First Demon War was nearly a total disaster for the rir, whose society hadn’t even seen a century’s worth of progress before being targeted for annihilation.  Though their first city had walls, they were roughly made and inadequate for proper defense, but they managed to serve one major purpose: they bought the terra-rir people time.

As has become the case so often through the history of Citaria, it was the steadfastness and ingenuity of the humans that saw the rir people to victory.  Though they were denied the technology and advances they were used to, the early human arrivals used knowledge from their own vast history to strengthen and bolster the rir people and their city’s defenses.  Though the serilian demons were easily able to chase the rir people inside the walls and take over their farms, the humans countered the siege of the city itself with all manner of tricks and counterattacks, and were able to hold the serilian demons at bay.

As the months dragged by, the humans put their time and resources to good use, replacing the wooden walls of the city with stone walls and battlements, all the better to counter the siege.  They built ships both for fishing and for expeditions further along the coast to gather resources, and within six months, the city was fortified to the point where the wingless solas demons were virtually powerless to attack.

The First Demon War saw its end not at the tips of swords or axes, but at the onset of the deep winter of Sarchelete.  Unable to bear the brutally cold winter, the serilian demons were forced to flee north toward warmer climates.  Many of them never made it, harried by the brave terra-rir and human defenders, led by none other than Kerry Kijana, who would later ascend to become the god Garra Ktarra.

With the war won, the humans began to integrate better with the terra-rir society, while at the same time helping it to develop more quickly.  The city was expanded and re-fortified, and the terra-rir began building the grand temple to Gori Sensullu on the hilltop.  Though their numbers were limited, the humans began to thrive, and together, the two races proved much more capable of fending off the serilian demon attacks.



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