The Second Demon War (ME 822-824)

Bolstered by the knowledge and experience of the humans, rir civilization began to expand across Askies Island in the centuries following the First Demon War.  Many of the first settlements outside of Sarchelete would grow into the prominent cities of the southlands today: Barcon, Gnarr, Marsdale, Newport, Lajere, and Winter’s Bounty.

It was shortly after the establishment of the city of Gnarr that Seril once again attempted to eradicate the human and rir civilization.  Her forces attacked primarily from the north, and from the depths of the great forest that had come to be known as the Sandur Jungle.  In the over seven hundred years between the two wars, Seril had established an army of considerable strength, and even with the military might and training that had become a staple of the human and rir society, the conflict was bloody.

The Second Demon War lasted for nearly two years, and was punctuated by attrition-based fighting in the heartlands between the cities of Gnarr and Barcon.  What the serilian demons lacked in tactics, they more than made up for in numbers, and the death toll on both sides was staggering.  Still, the human and rir society had the advantage of being based within walled cities, and eventually, the tide turned in their favor.

Apparently fed up with traditional warfare, Seril herself laid siege to the city of Gnarr, hoping to break the northern-most outpost of her enemies’ society.  Victory should have easily been hers, but something miraculous took place, an event that scholars today have little more consensus in debating than eyewitnesses did at the time.

With the human and rir forces driven back inside the city, Seril was ready to crush them utterly, but she was engaged by a mysterious creature.  Some witnesses described it as a terra-dracon; others as a six-winged archangel; and still others described it only as a “being of pure light.”  Though it did not kill her, this being completely nullified Seril’s power, and drove her from Citaria.  It was believed she was driven to the underworld, and shortly after, the mysterious creature disappeared, never to be seen upon Citaria again over the next 2200 years.

Scholars have debated the identity of the mystery being for centuries.  Some believe it was Gori Sensullu in avatar form, while others believe it was an archangel in the service of the Creator.  The most curious thing about it, naturally, was the fact that different people saw different manifestations when they beheld it.  Humans tended to see the archangel form; the rir tended to see the terra-dracon form; and those who saw the being of pure light came from all different races.

The one thing that was clear was that the being, whatever it was, had ended the Second Demon War.

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