The Third Demon War (ME 1484-1487)

One of the side effects of the Succession Wars was a surge in emigration to Askies’ sister continent of Terrassia to the northwest.  The swelling of the population at the landing point on Terrassia – the city of Flora – quickly led to expansion, which upset the delicate peace between the human-rir civilization and the elven kingdom of Laeranore to the north of Flora, who preferred isolation.

Further complicating matters were the machinations of the Devil Queen who, for some reason, set her sights on Terrassia instead of Askies.  With her armies perfectly placed in the center of the continent, she was able to cut off the major kingdoms from each other, and grind all trade and communication to a halt.  With all of the major kingdoms or city-states effectively isolated, she started first by crushing the city-state of Solaris, and then began to push east toward Flora.

With the bulk of Seril’s army pushing eastward, the thinner rear guard was hit hard by an opposing force from the south, which turned out to be a new creation of Gori Sensullu’s that she hadn’t seen before: the shakna-rir.  These green-skinned rir, while not immune to fire, were much more resistant to heat and flame than their other rir brethren, and despite the relative youth of their species, had already formed a rigidly structured and efficient military.

The shakna-rir assault forced nearly a third of Seril’s soldiers to retreat northward, cut off from their stronger eastern units.  As they fled into the cooler regions of the north, however, the Serilian forces found themselves flanked by yet another new creation: the fures-rir.  The fures-rir pinned Seril’s units in the deep pine forests of the north, where they held them trapped until the deep winter set in and did their work for them.  The fures-rir, immune to the cold, destroyed nearly a third of Seril’s forces, and mostly without the need to engage in attrition.

With the rear guard being handled by the fures-rir, the shakna-rir army turned its sights eastward to pin Seril’s forces between themselves and the resistance from Flora.  Additional human and rir reinforcements from the northern city-states of Dira Ch’Tori and the Emerald City completed the counter-attack in triangulation.  Though Seril’s forces continued to fight for several months, they were eventually driven into the badlands, where they disappeared, presumably taken back to the underworld by Seril.

Shakna-rir soldiers returning from the warfront found another invasion happening in their jungle homeland.  A massive pyramid and city had been constructed in secret by the syrinthians, led by their demigod-like priest-king known as the Tempis’ra.  The shakna-rir attempted to overrun and wipe out the underworld invaders, but with the strength of the Tempis’ra, they found themselves badly overpowered and put to rout.

Due to the magical prowess of the Tempis’ra, the shakna-rir, fures-rir, and other kingdoms and city-states of Terrassia banded together to fight this newest threat.  Wizards and sorcerers from every society gathered to make arcane war on the demigod priest-king, and they were led by a brilliant fures-rir wizard who went by the name Rexis De’Tourga.  With a sizable army of wizards and sorcerers at his back, De’Tourga went to the southern jungles to eradicate the underworld threat.

The result was a decisive victory, but one with great cost.  Though the syrinthians were wiped out and their priest-king defeated, the southern jungles were completely incinerated in the ensuing magical war.  Where once there was lush rainforest, only a desert remained by the war’s end.  Even more troubling, De’Tourga and his allies found that they were unable to kill the Tempis’ra, and had to settle for sealing him inside his pyramid temple and forcing it to sink beneath the sands.

The results of the Third Demon War were many and varied, from the turning of the jungles into desert, to the establishment of the Khalarin Empire of the shakna-rir, the Tenari kingdom of the fures-rir, and the expansion of the city-state of Dira Ch’Tori to encompass more of the human and terra-rir cities and lands of Terrassia.  Though Seril’s defeat was hailed as another great victory for the human and rir civilization, the invasion by the underworld snake-people has continued to haunt the people of Terrassia for millennia.

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