The Fourth Demon War (ME 1832-1835)

The Fourth Demon War began in much the same way as the First.  Though the exact cause remains unknown, the Devil Queen’s armies marched on the holy city of Sarchelete in the spring of ME1832.  Much like the First Demon War, the invasion was stalled by the city’s high stone walls and staunch defenders.  Though the press of the Devil Queen’s army threatened to overrun the city by land and air, things did not proceed as they did in the First Demon War.

Reinforcements arrived quickly from Marsdale County, with naval ships out of Marsdale and Newport bringing much needed infantry and aerial cover.  Once the airborne attacks were brought under control, the walls and their defenders were better able to do their job.  Though Seril tried many gambits, and even once tried sapping the walls, her efforts were stymied again and again.  As with the First Demon War, time became her enemy, for though her armies were better prepared to deal with the deep winter around Sarchelete, by that time, reinforcements began to arrive in force from the eastern counties.

Sensing the tide was about to turn against her, Seril moved her forces north and into the mountains to the northeast.  With the higher ground under their control, and the deep Sandur Jungle at their backs, the Devil Queen’s armies turned the tide on their pursuers.  The first battalions to follow the serilian forces into the mountains were crushed, and the Devil Queen’s soldiers quickly dug in and fortified their positions.

Fearing a permanent presence of Seril and her troops, the defenders of Sarchelete moved north to try to root them out.  The first few attempts were disastrous, with the winged serilian warriors holding the high ground and using it to devastating effect.  Seril seemed to accept that her latest attempt to capture Sarchelete and Askies Island as a whole was a failure, but she maintained her troops’ position for nearly two years, inflicting untold casualties on anyone foolish enough to approach.

It wasn’t until arcanists from the far corners of Askies – Gareth Maelstrom of DarkWind, Kevin Terkani of Latalex, and Hristos Metaxas of Ceritopolonis – started to reinforce the armies of the north and east that the Devil Queen accepted a stalemate and withdrew her forces.  When the wizard-led armies arrived, they found the fortified positions of the Devil Queen’s army abandoned, and it was suspected she took them to the underworld, to prepare for her next scheme against the rir and human civilization.

After the Fourth Demon War, Citaria knew peace for over six hundred years, until a misinterpretation of a prophecy once again opened the door for the Devil Queen.  That war, known as the False Apocalypse, will be our next topic under the History of Citaria.

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