The False Apocalypse (ME 2452-2453)

The creation of the guardian demons was a calculated risk for Seril.  Endowed with incredible power, her final serilis-rir creations were also ingrained with a protective nature to prevent them from slaughtering the lesser serilis-rir for fun.  However, this protective nature also caused them to, at times, disobey their creator, seeing her attempts at conquering Citaria as too great a danger to their kin.  Seril took this disobedience in stride, knowing that it would, at the least, help keep her from making any of the same foolhardy mistakes that cost her the first four demon wars.

The disobedience of the guardian demons came to a head in the year ME 2452, when Seril decided to take one of them as a mate and give birth to an heir that would help her conquer Citaria.  The guardian demon chosen was the Bladed Demon Erijinkor, and though he acquiesced to his creator’s wishes, when he saw the horrifying results and witnessed what the child was going to become, he turned on Seril completely.

Rir scholars who became aware of Erijinkor’s defection quickly linked him to an obscure, ancient prophecy that said that a blue-eyed serilian demon would bring about the Devil Queen’s end.  Erijinkor was created with blue eyes – many believe as a taunt by the Devil Queen against Gori Sensullu that backfired – and the scholars of that day believed his defection would mean he would lead the rir people to victory over the Devil Queen and her demons.

Thinking the Apocalypse was upon them, the nobility of Askies Island began fortifying their cities and towns, preparing for a cataclysmic war the likes of which the four previous demon wars couldn’t compare to.  However, the war never came.  Only one city was attacked, and with all of the other towns, cities, and counties so intent on defending themselves, the city of Oge fell in hours to the concentrated assault of Seril’s entire army.

Surprisingly, Seril did not destroy the city or annihilate its population.  Instead, she made it her seat of power on Citaria, expanding its walls and territory and garrisoning many of her strongest soldiers within.  Though her rule was strict and unforgiving, the city of Oge had long been a haven for scoundrels and the evil, and its residents quickly came to accept the rule of the Devil Queen over that of the Duke of Brunswick.

Though many attempts were made to recapture Oge, all efforts were put to an immediate end when the Devil Queen personally slaughtered the Duke of Brunswick’s entire household, leaving him as the sole survivor.  Not even the Avenger Order of Gnarr or the Demonhunter Order itself were willing to continue the fight after that, and against better judgment, many reasoned that as long as Seril was contained to Oge, she was best left alone.

The most important other note about the False Apocalypse is that once the city of Oge came under Seril’s control, one of her lieutenants – Olgaryn, Lord of the Brys – took control of the many fractured assassins’ guilds and merged them into one.  This brought the combined might of the Five Clans under the Devil Queen’s control, allowing her to strike at her enemies without the use of her demons.  The Five Clans consequently became the most feared espionage guild in the world until its fall in the Apocalypse.  But that is a tale for another time.

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