The War of Purity (ME 2878)

This short, six-month conflict represents one of the lowest points in the history of Citaria.

The War of Purity began when a new species, the seterra-rir, came to inhabit the Isle of Morikk.  The island had long been considered holy ground, as nestled in its central mountain range was the Temple of Archons, the mystical sealed temple that had stood there since the foundation of the world.  Further complicating matters was the biological makeup of this new species of rir, which seemed to be some hybrid of human and rir.

Initial suspicions were that it was the latest of Seril’s endless attempts to usurp Citaria, and that this time, she had done so in a way that would directly invade the bloodlines of the rir.  Strangely, Gori Sensullu gave no indication that he had created the seterra-rir, and made no move to stop his own people when they rose up against this new creation.

The invasion of Morikk was spearheaded by the Demonhunter Order, but the invasion force was made up entirely of rir; no humans took part in the invasion.  Many accounts of this short war point to the humans warning off the rir from attempting genocide without being absolutely sure what they were doing, but the warnings were ignored.  Consequently, the humans as a whole refused to take part in the so-called “War of Purity.”  In fact, it is widely believed that the humans aided many of the seterra-rir in escaping the genocidal attacks.

The end result of the war was that the seterra-rir were driven from their home on the Isle of Morikk, and the survivors, if any, were driven into hiding.  Though there have been many conflicts amongst the mortals of Citaria, the War of Purity marks the most brutal war in which Seril played no role whatsoever.

It has long been speculated that the Bah’Qitur Invasion of ME 2879 was Gori Sensullu’s punishment of the rir for their actions.

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