The Bah’Qitur Invasion (ME 2879-2880)

With the seterra-rir nearly wiped out and driven into hiding, things on Askies returned to normal for a short while.  However, scant months after the end of the so-called War of Purity, massive warships appeared off the northeast coast of Askies.  Diplomatic envoys were sent out to make contact with the people manning these never-before-seen ships, but the envoys were summarily destroyed.

After a short but fierce naval battle, the warships entered the harbor of the largest port on the east coast: the city of Ceritopolonis.  This was the first time the people of Askies had encountered the towering, semi-reptilian people called the bah’qitur.  The bah’qitur took the city by storm, and within a few days, they had captured a strategic port in which to land a sizable invasion force.  Fortunately for the people of Ceritopolonis, once armed resistance was neutralized, the bah’qitur occupied the city rather than destroying it and wiping out its people.

More warships came from the east, carrying tens of thousands of bah’qitur soldiers.  Initial attempts to intercept the bah’qitur reinforcements were utterly unsuccessful; the bah’qitur ships were larger, sturdier, and carried more firepower and soldiers than any of the Askies Royal Navy ships.  With no hope of cutting off the line of supplies and reinforcements coming in by sea, priority was put on halting the bah’qitur advance on land.

History took a strange turn when additional ships began landing on Askies and the full extent of the bah’qitur army’s capabilities became clear: Seril sent her own soldiers to drive these foreign invaders from “her” island.  Many of her winged corlypsi, brys, and elite soldiers attacked the bah’qitur fleet from the air, quickly discovering that the bah’qitur were completely unprepared for, and all but defenseless against, an air assault.  Shredding their sails and setting the ships ablaze from above, Seril’s forces, under the command of her son, Urukh, destroyed nearly half of the bah’qitur fleet in a matter of days.

Unsatisfied with the work of his soldiers from the air, Urukh further ordered his infantry to set the city itself ablaze, to give the bah’qitur no quarter from which to resist.  Some of their ships were left intact, all the better to round them up into confined spaces and then slaughter them by fiery aerial assault.  Thousands of rir and humans were also killed in the flaming purge of Ceritopolonis, and though both the mortal and serilis-rir forces had enjoyed a temporary truce to drive out the bah’qitur, it quickly dissolved under Urukh’s ruthless tactics.

The Bah’Qitur Invasion came to an end thanks to two simultaneous events: the first was the complete withdrawal of all surviving bah’qitur soldiers.  While many bah’qitur warships retreated without ever reaching Askies, the vast majority of soldiers who made it to Askies never returned home, killed by the flaming aerial assaults of Seril’s forces.

The second event that brought the Bah’Qitur Invasion to an end was the killing of Urukh at the hands of the guardian demon Serenjols, which started the Fifth Demon War.

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