The Fall of Terrassia (ME 2880-2884)

While Kaelariel and the people of Askies Island were caught up in the Fifth Demon War, the continent of Terrassia was invaded by the demon king Celigus Chinchala.  It was this unexpected invasion by a demon king regarded as somewhat of a “stepfather” to Kaelariel that long caused some of the pantheon – most notably Zalkar the Unyielding – to remain suspicious of both.

The Fall of Terrassia was perhaps one of the greatest examples of tactical expertise ever witnessed upon Citaria.  Setting up his base of operations in the southeastern badlands, Chinchala was able to create a perimeter defense to ward off any foolish attacks by the nomadic kwarrasti or luranar from his rear flank.  With no established cities behind him, Chinchala struck first into the heart of the shakna-rir empire to the west.

The counterattack from the collective city-states of Terrassia was quick but predictable, and the first bands of resistance from Flora and Solaris found they were not equipped or prepared for fighting an entrenched enemy in the badlands.  Chinchala was no fool, leaving the Third Column of his considerable forces behind to safeguard his fortress and the portal from which he was able to draw reinforcements.  The contingents from Flora and Solaris found themselves easily rebuffed, and driven back north out of the badlands.

The First and Second Columns, meanwhile, caught the shakna-rir completely unawares, and secured the eastern cities of Silturus and Culler’s Reach within days.  With these two cities under control, the First and Second Columns dug in, preparing for the expected counterattack.  It took the shakna-rir only days to organize the first waves of resistance, and the massive garrison of the port city of Awlsabre followed quickly behind.  Finally, the capital city of Aurun Ch’Gurra sent its own legions forth to drive the invaders from the empire.

Satisfied that their mighty military could handle even an army of underworld demons, the shakna-rir nonetheless sent forth emissaries to the city-states of Flora and Solaris, and even as far north as Silverius and the Emerald City to try to triangulate an attack upon the invaders.  Even with an entrenched army of mallasti, elestram, and even some erestram warriors, the size of the resistance’s army seemed sure to crush Chinchala’s invasion force.  And then the order to withdraw reached the shakna-rir front lines, leaving the First and Second Columns not only unmolested, but free to turn and rebuff the coming armies of the northern city-states.

The reason for the retreat became clear in missives sent out in the wake of the defeat: With the bulk of the army sent out from Aurun Ch’Gurra, the demon king had entered the city and the palace, and single-handedly took the entire royal family hostage.  Curiously, the demon king offered to let Queen Gwendolyn Tumureldi keep her throne so long as she swore fealty to him.  In return, her people would remain unharmed, and the occupation of their cities would be light and as non-intrusive as possible.  Intrigued by the hesitance of the demon king to slaughter her people, the queen accepted his terms, and even agreed to try to convince the other kingdoms to accept the same.

The northern kingdoms made no such concessions, determined to drive the invaders from their island.  Flora, the closest city-state to the demon king’s stronghold, was captured easily, and its own defenses against water-borne attacks made efforts by the northern kingdoms to liberate the city virtually impossible.  With the entire southern third of Terrassia under his command, Chinchala moved on to Solaris, and then curiously skirted the edge of the elven kingdom of Laeranore to attack Dira Ch’Tori, capturing the entire east side of the continent as well in short order.

The fures-rir of the Tenari Kingdom of the northern tundra continued to hold out for some years.  When it became apparent to the other city-states that Chinchala wasn’t interested in killing their people, though, many of them surrendered rather than risk any of their people resisting his unstoppable advance.  With nearly the entirety of Terrassia under his control, the Tenari Kingdom had little choice but to surrender to the demon king, as reluctant as Queen Tenari was to do so.

The ensuing five years were among the most profitable and prosperous for all of the kingdoms of Terrassia.  Continuing to rule from his fortress in the southeast badlands, Chinchala improved infrastructure, trade routes, trade regulations, and the overall bounties of the continent’s resources.

At the end of the fifth year, Chinchala called a conference of the many leaders of the kingdoms and city-states of Terrassia.  There, he relinquished total control of each of their holdings back to the leaders, stating only that a time would come when he would once again claim dominion over the continent, and that he expected there would be no resistance when he did.  The demon king then withdrew the vast majority of his military to his underworld realm, dismantled his fortress and its portal, and left Terrassia for an unknown destination.

The Fall of Terrassia, as the tumultuous period of history has been called, has long confused scholars.  The exact intentions of Chinchala remain unknown, though his work in improving the nations themselves and relations between them have led to this “conflict” being viewed as much more favorable than any conquest even the humans could remember.  To this day, scholars ponder what event might cause Chinchala to reclaim the collective thrones of Terrassia; they expected him to do so during the Apocalypse, but such never came to pass.  As it stands, his promise has remained unfulfilled.

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