The Culling (ME 2880-Present)

After their invasion force was mostly destroyed at Ceritopolonis, the imperial line of the Bah’Qitur came under siege from within.  This conflict, which has now raged for over 170 years, has come to be known as “The Culling.”

Actual specifics as to who started this war and why are difficult to come by.  Even those rir and humans who make their abode in the coastal cities of the sprawling continent of Dannumore are not typically well-versed in the politics or theology of the bah’qitur.  As such, there is rampant speculation about what started and continues to stoke the war, but very few non-bah’qitur know much about it.  And the bah’qitur themselves, as is typical, have little interest in discussing such matters with outsiders.

According to the few researchers able to find out anything and escape the empire to tell the tale, the Emperor’s court came under siege from the Church of Iel’shah, who, they say, is the deity the bah’qitur bend knee to.  No records of any such deity exist anywhere else on Citaria, which usually causes any such “research” to be suspect among serious scholars.  According to these researchers, the Church has sought to purify bah’qitur society, claiming that their unilateral defeat at Ceritopolonis was direct evidence that Iel’shah is displeased with his people.  This would certainly go a long way in explaining why humans and rir live only in some of Dannumore’s coastal cities, and not in its interior.

Most scholars agree that these findings are nonsense, as if any such deity existed, the rest of the Citarian pantheon would surely know something about it.  Even extensive research into the older religions the humans brought to Citaria show no records or stories of any such deity – not surprising, since they say nothing about the existence of alien species, much less the bah’qitur.

The only other rumor that draws a lot of interest is that the work of an outsider general in recent years has swung the tide of the war back in the Imperials’ favor.  Who this mystery general might be is a matter of debate, but many scholars speculate that it is none other than The Warlord, Kris Jir’tana, son of Kaelariel.

How and when The Culling will end is, at this point, anyone’s guess.

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