Maps of Citaria – Askies Island

Askies Island, also sometimes called The Motherland, was the first continent to be inhabited by the rir, as well as where the humans “landed” on Citaria.  Due to size constraints, only the major cities are noted here.  The Strekan Province remains blank because its layout and inhabitants are largely unknown to the rest of Askies Island.

Askies Map (Final)

The Council of Anthraxis (Citarian ME 3061)

The Council of Anthraxis is the hierarchy of subordinate kings whereby the Overking rules the underworld.  Once comprised of over fifty kings, wars and subterfuge have slowly whittled that number down over the long millennia.  Currently, the Council is comprised of seventeen kings including the Overking himself.  The following is a list of each of the kings, their rank, their nicknames, and the realm they control.

  1. The Overking – rules the entire underworld from the city of Anthraxis
  2. Baal, the Storm Lord – rules the volcanic wastelands known as Antumorgh
  3. Koursturaux S’Bakthra, the Crimson Huntress – Mas’tolinor, the Garden of the Huntress
  4. Baphomet, the Lord of Curses – rules Teradda, the Endless Plains
  5. Abaddon, the Silent Destroyer – rules Vistarra, the Spines of the Destroyer
  6. Sekassus the Calculating – rules the forested hills of Sorelizar
  7. Celigus Chinchala, the White King – rules the desert realm of Sansrigar
  8. Augrus Tiveron, the Ashen Warmonger – Horturris, the Seat of the Conqueror
  9. Sheila Darkstorm, the Queen of Nightmares – Malmortia, the Crucible of Pain
  10. Morduri Irrasitus, the Reluctant Prince – rules Pataria, the Eastern Meadows
  11. Emanitar Te’Mordrin, the Spotted Lion – rules Tess’Vorg, the Fields of Gold
  12. Xafastu Kenochian, the Advocate – rules Kalrossus, the Mountain Temple
  13. Ouraggra Gelarri, the Prince of the Sky – rules Resaddek, the Peaks of Sorrow
  14. Lestanaek Cabra, the Blademaster – rules Ekkristis, the Deep Stronghold
  15. Garrivokt Solimant, the Great Herdmaster – rules Zaphatar, the Hills of Malice
  16. Arku Chinchala, the Black Reaver – rules Si’Dorra, the Weeping Woodlands
  17. Arlerase Chinchala, the White Prince – rules Arlerase, the Patchwork Kingdom