Books 4 & 5

So, just a quick update:

Book 4: “Legacy of the Devil Queen,” is currently complete and in the beta-reading stage.  I actually have six beta-readers for this work, so I expect a good range of questions and suggestions for when I tackle the next round of edits.  This book didn’t quite reach the 400-page mark, but I know there’s still some things I can expand upon, and my beta readers’ advice is only going to help with that.  Cover art is currently in the works, and the book should be released on schedule around Christmas 2016.

Book 5: “The Huntresses’ Game” is underway, and I’ve finished 3 out of a planned 20 chapters, for a total word count of nearly 25,000.  This one is scheduled for a June 2017 release.  Interested in a beta-read?  All I ask is that you post reviews of the first three books, and then feel free to contact me through Facebook:

Book 6: This one is only in the conceptual stages.  Obviously, a lot of it will change depending on how Book 5 turns out, and what changes I make to its expected storyline.

That’s it for now, back to work for me…


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