Book Updates 8-13-16

Getting back my beta reviews for Book 4, overwhelmingly positive.  My beta readers are loving the new POVs, getting to see things from the perspective of other characters, and how the group interacts and fights together when Kari isn’t with them.  I was a little nervous that this book might not “work” for fans, but so far so good!  Cover is in progress, and everything is on schedule for the December release, if not sooner (we’ll see).

I have 6 of 20 chapters complete in Book 5 now, so it stands at about 30%.  It is trending towards about 157,000 words.  Revelations galore in the first bit, but the latter 2/3 of the book will be a lot of action.  Should be a crowd-pleaser.

Eve of Redemption Series Trailer

I put together a “trailer” for the Eve of Redemption series for anyone curious what it’s all about.  It was actually a lot of fun to do, and I recommend it to any author looking to give a more “intimate” introduction to their work.  It was a little difficult to me, since there isn’t any stock artwork or photography that I can use, but now with three book covers, I think it works well.  Check it out here: