Project Updates 2-16-17

Got a lot on my plate these days.  Book V has come back from all but one beta reader and had overwhelmingly positive reviews.  There are a couple of small edits I have to go back and make, but it’s otherwise just about ready to go.  The cover is underway, and I hope to have it in the next couple of weeks.  Sneak peek to come!

I recently finished a short Urban Fantasy novella about one of the characters that makes an appearance in the Eve of Redemption series.  That’s due to come out as part of an anthology, so I’ll have more details on that in a couple of weeks or so.

Last but not least, I got an idea for a SciFi novel(la) as well, and hope to find the time to put that together.  Between that and a Horror novella I have the stories worked out for, I have more work than time at this point.  Because none of this is to even mention the work I’ve been doing on Book VI, which currently stands at 75k words, and a bit over halfway complete.

Want to get in on the ARC team?  Drop me a line.

Oh, one last thing – enter to win a free paperback copy of Salvation’s Dawn with its new cover here:


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