New cover for Book 2!

My talented artist, Andreas Zafiratos, finished the new cover for White Serpent, Black Dragon.  It absolutely blows me away.  You’ve probably only seen the front cover on the ebook, if you’ve seen it at all.  Well, here’s the entire image in all its glory:

Frankly, I think Turillia is too pretty to be a bad guy. 😉

Next up: a new cover for Book 3, then work begins on the cover for Book 6.

2 thoughts on “New cover for Book 2!

  1. Lucy Wetheriongton

    There is a lot of Christian terminology. Are these written with Christian values underneath?
    Just wondered how clean they are.


    1. Hi Lucy,

      There is a fair amount of doctrine underneath, though the characters themselves aren’t Christian. But a lot of it centers around the power of faith, and there will be some Christian characters later in the series.

      As far as how clean they are, there’s very little swearing (like, one or two words/phrases per book that are spelled out) and what sex takes place does so “off-screen.”




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