Book VII is now live!

Book VII, “Convergence,” is now available on Amazon, and only 99¢ for a limited time!

“With her brother-in-law imprisoned behind enemy lines, Kari must mount a daring rescue to rival her previous forays to Mehr’Durillia. The problem is, the battles she’s fought in recent weeks have left her in no condition to go anywhere…

Now she must lean on the tactical and fighting expertise of her former commander, Kris Jir’tana, to lead the Silver Blades in their covert mission. But she will not be idle, for there are many battles left to be fought at home. In the wake of the attack upon her home city, she must uncover a treachery decades old and buried deep to prevent DarkWind and Citaria from becoming battlegrounds.

Justice, vengeance, and retribution will collide in a convergence of fates that will change the destinies of three worlds forever…”