Book Updates 4-10-18

Lots of stuff in the pipeline right now!

Book VIII, “The Awakening,” is nearly complete; it’s now been through two rounds of edits.  I’m not satisfied with the ending and there’s still a few things I’d like to add, but I’m really pleased with where it’s at.  This one introduces a new cast that will join the Silver Blades for the next few books in the series.  However, it focuses solely on them until the end, detailing the gathering of the jade seals as mentioned at the end of Convergence.  The Awakening will be released on July 1st, and is already available for preorder for only 99¢ here.

I recently put out a short story about Kari called Dragon’s Honor that appears in the Beyond the Deepwoods anthology.  You can get it for 99¢ for a limited time here.  This short story takes place in Kari’s prior life, so it gives fans a unique glimpse into what she was like before her untimely death, and should be the first of many short tales about her exploits.

Book IX is underway!  I’ve written the prologue, and aside from the opening half-chapter getting readers caught up on what’s happened to date, this one will dive right into things.  At long last, the Temple of Archons will be opened, and readers will either be floored, or else you all might storm my front door and kill me for not liking the twist.  Maybe I should go on vacation when I release #9…

I’m looking at putting a short in another anthology, this one with a “grimdark” theme.  Got plenty of characters to choose from to look at things from the darker side of the world, so this won’t be about one of the Silver Blades.  You’ll get to see someone entirely new, more than likely, someone whose exploits may become a spinoff series if I find enough depth to it and reader response is positive.

Be sure to check out what I’m reading over on Goodreads.  I try to be polite and tend to go easy on fellow indie authors, but I don’t post fake reviews, and my reading tastes can be odd so you might find something new to check out.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of posting regular updates.  I’m working on the character profile for Turik Jalar, and after that, I’ll be posting little non-spoilerish snippets about the Silver Blades and their allies.  I may even post little stat blocks and such to show how they’d fit into an RPG like Pathfinder.

Until then!

— Shoeless