Updates 7-31-18

Sorry folks, I know I’ve been pretty quiet for a while.  Studying the CPA exam really kicked my rear end, but I succeeded in passing it, and now I should have a lot more time to concentrate on writing and interacting.

Book VIII was release on July 1st, and Book IX is in progress and due out on Dec 1st, 2018.  This one, “Gods and Kings,” will finally see the Temple of Archons opened; the Redemption is at hand, and then the series will march to its inevitable conclusion.  Hold onto your hats, the ride’s only going to get wilder.

In other news, I have a short story about Kari’s prior life in an anthology called Beyond the Deepwoods.  It takes a look at Kari’s first meeting with Ashurinax the Black, the dragon she mentions in Salvation’s Dawn.  The anthology has a number of really good short stories in it, including “The Lunar Clash” which is one of the most beautiful short fantasy stories I’ve ever read.

I am also working on a “Grimdark” short story to be featured in another anthology, and I will keep you updated on that as it progresses.  And here on this site, I’ll be adding “character profiles” about the Silver Blades and their allies in a semi-D&D format. 🙂

Til later,


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