Work progressing on Gods & Kings

The ninth book of the series, Gods and Kings, is roughly halfway done.  This one is taking me a bit longer than usual due to some unusual circumstances in life but also because tying together all of the series’ threads to craft the big reveal has really brought out the perfectionist in me.  All of the hints, bits, minor characters, offbeat comments, and other things you might have been noticing all along are going to feed into the big reveal for why this series has the name it does, why Kari has the nickname she does, and what this has all been about spanning back over 10,000 years (as the Mehr’Durillians count, anyway).

I had hoped to get this one out before Christmas, but I’m thinking it’s best if I just plan for early January and make sure it’s perfect.  Worse comes to worst, if I finish it well ahead of schedule, there’ll just be that much less of a gap between the releases of 9 and 10 (whose working title is The Phoenix Ascension).

I’m also planning to put some short character bios up here for fans to refer back to and even ask questions of the characters if you like.  There’s an anthology coming out early next year with an unrelated short story I wrote called Maurkim’s War.  And finally,  I’m also working on another short for yet another anthology that will likely tie into the Eve of Redemption saga without featuring any of its main characters.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!