Book Reviews

Here you can find book reviews that I’ve written for fellow authors, most within my genre (Fantasy), but some of which have been outside my “comfort zone.”  Only reviews of 3 stars or more will be posted here, but one can assume that if they find a book on this page, it’s worth their time to take a look at.

A 3-star review means the story was enjoyable but could have used some polish (either tightening of the storyline, better editing, or a combination thereof).  4-star reviews are books I really enjoyed, and 5-star reviews are, obviously, ones I found exceptional.

Not all reviews are created equal, however.  What rates a 5-star review for a YA book may only qualify for 3 or 4 in Adult books.  In other words, it’s entirely subjective, but I’ll give my reasoning for each in the reviews.

I’ll be adding the reviews directly to the site as time allows.  I will also be including links to Goodreads for each of the books, because the site is great for finding similar titles and getting in touch with the authors or else finding their social media contact information.

5-Star Reviews

Carnifex: A Portent of Blood by D.P.Prior  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Child of the Daystar by Bruce O’Connor  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Sky Ghosts: All for One by Alexandra Engellmann  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

The Legacy of Skur, Volume One by L.F. Falconer  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Blade’s Edge by Virginia McClain  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Mother of Wolves by J. Aislynn d’Merricksson  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Far Knowing by Melinda Brasher  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

The Meldling by Claire Ryan  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

City of Masks by Ashley Capes  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Amongst the Flames by T.K. Chapin  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

The Hoarder’s Widow by Allie Cresswell  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

4-Star Reviews

The Stonegate Sword by Harry James Fox  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Princefall by C.L. Rivers  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadoury  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Broken Blades Don’t Sing by Kayl A. Karadjian  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

The Third Apprentice by Lana Axe  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

The Truthseeker by Eric Stockwell  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Az – Revenge of an Archangel by A.A. Bavar  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

The Winter Blade by J.D. Begley  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Marie by Ana Elise Meyer  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Crossbones: Episode 1  [Goodreads]

Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Westbrook  [Goodreads]

The Tarot Cards – Major Arcana by Christina Maharaj  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

A Parallel Path by Marco Peel  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

Tampa Star by T.S. O’Neill  [Amazon]   [Goodreads]

More to come…