Book VI goes live October 1st!

Book VI, “Preludes to War” is available for pre-order and will go live on October 1st, 2017.  This volume is the most exciting yet, following Kari as she executes a daring foray behind enemy lines in Sorelizar.  Join in the adventure as the imminent war between Citaria and Mehr’Durillia draws ever closer…


New cover for Book 2!

My talented artist, Andreas Zafiratos, finished the new cover for White Serpent, Black Dragon.  It absolutely blows me away.  You’ve probably only seen the front cover on the ebook, if you’ve seen it at all.  Well, here’s the entire image in all its glory:

Frankly, I think Turillia is too pretty to be a bad guy. 😉

Next up: a new cover for Book 3, then work begins on the cover for Book 6.

Book VI is complete!

I just finished the rough draft of Book VI, “Preludes to War.”  It weighs in at about 138k words before editing (which may make it longer, not shorter).  Already got the basic plot of Book VII in mind, and this one flows right into the next.

Look for Book V, “The Huntresses’ Game” around May 1st, with “Preludes to War” releasing probably late summer.

See you in Citaria!

Project Updates 2-16-17

Got a lot on my plate these days.  Book V has come back from all but one beta reader and had overwhelmingly positive reviews.  There are a couple of small edits I have to go back and make, but it’s otherwise just about ready to go.  The cover is underway, and I hope to have it in the next couple of weeks.  Sneak peek to come!

I recently finished a short Urban Fantasy novella about one of the characters that makes an appearance in the Eve of Redemption series.  That’s due to come out as part of an anthology, so I’ll have more details on that in a couple of weeks or so.

Last but not least, I got an idea for a SciFi novel(la) as well, and hope to find the time to put that together.  Between that and a Horror novella I have the stories worked out for, I have more work than time at this point.  Because none of this is to even mention the work I’ve been doing on Book VI, which currently stands at 75k words, and a bit over halfway complete.

Want to get in on the ARC team?  Drop me a line.

Oh, one last thing – enter to win a free paperback copy of Salvation’s Dawn with its new cover here:


Legacy of the Devil Queen


An unknown enemy sacking towns.  A murderous demon prince on the loose.  Underworld spies within the very Demonhunter Order.  Demon kings bent on manipulating the world of Citaria to their will.  And all that’s to say nothing of the trials of motherhood…

Things are getting chaotic for Karian Vanador.  With a slew of issues before her, not the least of which is pregnancy, she must act for the first time as a general, directing the efforts of her friends and family from a distance.  But with new enemies come new allies, and as confrontation with the underworld’s Overking looms ever closer, the armies of good and evil continue to build…

Legacy of the Devil Queen is the fourth installment in the epic fantasy Eve of Redemption series, and introduces new characters and points of view for the first time!  Only 99¢ on preorder or release day.

Book VI for NaNoWriMo

I was working on a spinoff series based on the half-dragon character mentioned in Salvation’s Dawn, but Book VI of the Eve of Redemption series decided it doesn’t want to wait to get written.  This works out well, since November is NaNoWriMo, so I’m going to shoot to get as much of it done by the end of November as possible.  So far, so good: 16,300 words done over the first four days.  Not sure my schedule will let me keep writing at this pace, but I’ll try.

Legacy of the Devil Queen up for preorder

Book IV, Legacy of the Devil Queen, is now available for pre-order on Amazon here:

If you haven’t started the series yet, you can get a free copy of Salvation’s Dawn by signing up for my mailing list here:

Now back to working on Book V, “The Huntresses’ Game.”  The bulk of it is finished in first draft form, but I have some additional subplots I want to add.  Cover is already in the works as well.

Progress Updates

Should be receiving the cover for Book 4 soon.  Then I’ll order a physical proof, try to catch any last errors still floating around, and set it up for pre-orders.  Release date is targeted for December 1st at this time.

I’m conceptualizing the plot for Book VI; I know the overall plan for the book, but I have to brainstorm the little things.  As usual, Kari will be facing “the greatest test of her career,” but if you feel like you hear that every book, that’s the point!  Always moving forward, never back.  She has many things to recover from after the tumult of Book V, and it’s only going to make her goals for Book VI that much tougher to achieve.  As the series reaches its first crescendo, things are really starting to snowball.  Hold onto your seats, because you haven’t seen anything yet.

While I’m brainstorming for Book VI, I’m also working on a new series.  This one will star the half-dragon mentioned in Salvation’s Dawn (Ashanti S’Laviolor), picking up with her at the age of fifteen as she tries to find her place in the world.  This will be a Coming-of-Age, YA-themed book series that will eventually lead readers into the more “adult” series of Eve of Redemption.  While it takes place in the same world, it is approximately 400 years before the events of the Eve of Redemption series, so there will be no overlap.

I’m always on the lookout for beta and ARC readers; if you’re interested, feel free to contact me.  Feedback and reviews are always appreciated as well!