Virtual Book Fair!

Welcome to Joe Jackson’s Virtual Book Fair booth for the Eve of Redemption series!

Please feel free to have a look around.  This page is dedicated to much of the backstory and additional worldbuilding behind my Epic Fantasy series.  While each book contains a few appendices detailing races, places, people, history, and geography, the lore here expands upon that, fleshing out the world even more.  Take a look below for a brief synopsis of each of the books, here to see what the series is all about, or follow any of the links on the right to see the books over on Amazon, including a “Look Inside” feature.

You can also sign up here for the Eve of Redemption Newsletter. Don’t worry, I hate sending spam far more than you probably hate getting it. But this newsletter will give you access to special offers, including free copies of some of the Eve of Redemption books, opportunities to beta read or receive ARCs, and possibly even feedback on upcoming covers:

Eve of Redemption Newsletter

The Eve of Redemption books:

Salvation’s Dawn begins the story of our heroine, Karian Vanador, as she walks away from the settling dust of the Citarian Apocalypse.  Kari is a demonhunter and a hero, but far from a typical example of either: she originally lived and died nearly 200 years ago, and was resurrected for some greater purpose she doesn’t yet understand.  Salvation’s Dawn follows her adventures as she works to reacquaint herself in this different time and place, and seek whatever new destiny has led to her miraculous – and unprecedented – return from death.


Salvation’s Dawn on Amazon

The second volume, White Serpent, Black Dragon continues Kari’s adventures (spoiler alert: she’s not dead yet) as she hunts a vicious serial killer from the underworld.  In this, she is pitted against her greatest test: a demon more intelligent than she is and also every bit as skilled with the sword.  Will Kari’s friends, new and old, be enough to tip the balance in her favor?


White Serpent, Black Dragon on Amazon

The third volume, Serpents Rising, follows Kari on an unprecedented trip through the underworld, where she must match wits with demon kings that are thousands of years old to rescue a possible defector.  But even if she can, will the defector tell her anything of value?  And what further dangers will a defector from the underworld bring into her life?


Serpents Rising on Amazon

The fourth volume, Legacy of the Devil Queen, introduces new Points of View, as readers get to see the world through Erijinkor’s eyes as well as a couple of other characters.  While Kari stays home managing the affairs of the Demonhunter Order as a whole due to personal issues, Erik takes charge of the Silver Blades and leads them in hunting a vicious demon virtually unknown to the Order.  Will the Silver Blades succeed without Kari’s assistance?  And what challenges will Kari face in her administrative and personal lives?


Legacy of the Devil Queen on Amazon

Book V, “The Huntresses’ Game,” is complete in rough draft form.  It follows Kari as she undergoes the final trials to reach the rank of Avatar of Vengeance.  From her unprecedented visit to the very home of a demon king to her hunt of an enemy from her past life, Kari will face tests the likes of which no Avatar has ever seen.

Book VI, “Preludes to War,” is currently in progress as part of #NaNoWriMo.  It is still very much a rough work, so I will make no comments on what it’s about in case that changes.  (Heck, the title itself may change!)

I am also on:

I hope you enjoy your stay.  If you have any questions or comments, I’ll be checking sevreal times per day throughout the Virtual Book Fair, so feel free to post below and I’ll be happy to answer.


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